Bajan Recon

Thank you Bajan Recon for excellent service!!!

Another happy customer about to board a great car.

Dave Junior Sargeant is the happy owner of the new-shape Toyota Town Ace. "I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Bajan Recon for providing excellent service to me. They set up the appointment with the finance company on my behalf. I am a landscaper. My vehicle is ideal for moving around my tools.

"At Bajan Recon I got what I always wanted and that's a 2014 SWIFT SPORT. Excellent customer service. I was kept informed all the way during preparations to register my car and having it ready for the road."

I am happy I have my white Toyota Axio. I just got it tinted to keep me cool!

Imagine you're next!!! Welcome.

Ready to roll with my Silver Axio.

I got the keys to my DREAM CAR only yesterday. No obstacles whatsoever. Everything went smoothly.

I LOVE MAZDA. The Credit Union and Bajan Recon made it sooo easy for me to get my favourite car on the road. It's no joke. I laughed non-stop for one full minute when Bajan Recon called me on my cell to say that I got the number that I wanted 1509 - my birth date.

Maybe its just your dream, but come down to Bajan Recon and take a look and make a wish. Let us help you get into one of these beauties.